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In a dark void of loss, pain, and trauma following the passing of my beautiful daughter, Jana has been incredibly talented and compassionate in helping me to spiritually reconnect with this beloved daughter - as well as with God and myself - in a deeply insightful and personal way.  Jana's training in trauma and grief counseling, coupled with her own beautiful faith, have provided gentle guidance in my journey forward - something I could never have envisioned a few months ago.


I’m not sure what else to call Jana except an angel. Seeing her during the months after losing my Dad was a gift from God. There were days I didn’t want to get out of bed and I knew if I could just hold on until my time to see Jana, then everything would be okay. Some days, she would just look at me and without me saying a word, she just got whatever emotion I was feeling and we would stop and pray or stop and cry. One thing is for sure:  always, ALWAYS, when the door opened to see her, I swear a light shined down and I felt a little sense of relief. When you are grieving, what more can you ask for than someone that can carry you through that darkness and keep reminding you that you are not alone, God is there. My angel Jana got me through those months and still is. I am forever grateful. 


Seeing Jana is one of the best decisions I have made on my road to healing and wholeness!  Jana, who is as beautiful inside as she is outside, has become a real gift to me.  With her, I have found a safe space in which to cry, to rant, to disbelieve, to deny, to seek, and to question, while she holds me up with her wisdom and rich experience.  She has indeed showed me how to grieve and how it is different and unique for each person.  Jana has helped bring me peace and opened me to a spiritual life I did not really and truly know was out there for me.  Her work with me has awakened me to the possibilities of the JOY of the life that is still out there as I define my "new normal."  I have filled my hours with community work and my family and friends -  Jana is enabling me to fill my heart once again.


When the love of my life of 42 years died, my dear friend insisted I get help and she found Jana Rentzel.  Jana slowly pulled me, kicking and screaming, from the great deep dark abyss. She knows great tragedy, like all of us have experienced (or will).  That knowledge, along with  her faith and belief in the great Holy Spirit, pulled me through.  I know she will never let go of my hand.  


Jana has been guiding me through this journey of grief with compassion and empathy. Most importantly, she has been guiding me back to God and his loving arms.  Jana’s complete and total belief in God and his power has brought me much comfort and has helped me to grow spiritually as well.  


Dr. Jana Rentzel is an amazing spiritual director! Her in-depth education and training as a spiritual psychologist serves as the intellectual foundation of her practice, but she brings so much more to her work. Her own spiritual journey undergirds her wisdom and insights, and serves as a guiding light to those seeking spiritual transformation themselves. Jana literally (and patiently) “holds the light” that leads to knowing God’s deep love for us, until we can finally begin to see, know, and feel God’s love for ourselves. She is deeply gifted, a joy to work with, and a blessing beyond measure!


Jana has helped me with so many different areas of my life, including grieving the sudden death of my husband, depression, addiction, spirituality, loss of my job, breast cancer and surgery.  Through it all, Jana is always empathetic, understanding and genuine.  She is someone I can trust to see the light for me as we work together.

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