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Enjoy Dr. Jana’s Guided Meditations Anytime!


Opening to God's Divine Love
00:00 / 27:24

This meditation will help connect you with the deep longing for love that we all carry at our innermost core. And while we typically look to others – other people and things outside of ourselves – to fill that longing, this meditation allows us to get a sense of how that longing can only ultimately be filled with the infinite source of God’s divine Love.


That Love is always with us; it is the true Source of our longing. And when we connect with this Source of Love within our spiritual heart of hearts, we move from a deep sense of lack to one of being filled with God’s infinite Love. We become whole and holy, able to radiate this divine Love out into the lives of others – out into the world.

Length: 32 Minutes


Experiencing God's Presence
00:00 / 25:26

Perhaps you’ve never really experienced God’s divine Presence tangibly, and for those who have, then maybe you are simply yearning for more. We all are!  After all, once we get a taste of our Indwelling Source, we tend to want to go further and further along this spiritual path – leaning in deeper and deeper to the unique and beautiful ways that God is communicating with us in each and every moment.

And so this meditation will serve to lead you right in to God’s Presence.

Length: 27 Minutes


Clearing the Egoic Field
00:00 / 25:50

This meditation will help you to free your consciousness so that you may begin to stand on the deepest, truest ground of your being, 

where you can tap into your boundless Source of unconditional Divine Love, Wisdom and Compassion. This is where we begin to “slip the surly bonds” of our egoic field and establish our new home within the Presence of the Divine.  No longer believing ourselves to be separate, we can now live in the Oneness of God.

Length:  27 minutes


Awakening from the Spell of Ego
00:00 / 34:45

Most of us spend most of our time caught up in the spell of ego – caught up in all its thoughts and emotions, the sensations that rise and fall in our body, and everything that we experience in our outer world. But we don’t very often sense that which is aware of all these things – that ever-present background of wakeful, spacious, pure awareness, often referred to as Ultimate Reality, the Presence of God, and Divine Mystery.

This meditation will help you to shift from focusing on the objects of awareness to sensing the infinite awareness itself; in other words, to sensing the Presence of God. In practicng such a shift, you are able to break free from the spell of your ego – you are able to move from a constricted focus in your head to the open spaciousness of Love within your spiritual heart of hearts. 

Length:  34 minutes


Openhearted Peace and Love
00:00 / 30:37

In this meditation, I offer a very simple, basic practice – one that I do myself a lot – that will lead you in moving out of your busy head and opening to that place within of pure being – your True Self, where you can begin to sense the peace and love that abides in your innermost heart of hearts.  

Length:  24 minutes


Spiritual Surrender
00:00 / 32:56

Surrender is our willingness to accept and to say “yes” to whatever is happening. Surrender is the process of letting go of our desire to control the situation. We surrender as soon as we begin to say “yes” to what’s right here, right now, allowing whatever is happening to naturally unfold.  This meditation will give you a taste of this kind of spiritual surrender.

Length:  28 minutes


Being the Ocean
00:00 / 30:49

This meditation will help you in opening to the infinite pure awareness out of which all that you experience arises and then returns to. We can’t truly open to the waves of life unless we recognize our "Oceanness" – that formless awareness that is the true source of our Being. So this meditation will lead you through your body, inviting you to discover the spacious Divine presence that exists as the background of all experience. You will learn how to open to the waves of experience while remaining at rest as the infinite ocean, in and with God.

Length:  30 minutes


Transforming Difficult Emotions
00:00 / 27:53

This guided meditation will help you to transform the difficult and troubling emotions that arise in your life.  Quite simply, by approaching these intense emotions with loving understanding and compassion, we can transform them and set them free. 

Length:  23 minutes


00:00 / 34:45

This meditation will help you to develop equanimity – mental calmness, composure, balance, and evenness of temper, 

especially in the face of difficult or challenging situations. It will help you to recognize, that in any particular moment, 

you have the ability to pause, to become still, to get off the wheel of obsessive, reactive thinking and of racing mindlessly through your day.       

This meditation will teach you that, in any moment, you can stop, you can breathe, you can let go a little, so that you may enter the next moment with more presence, balance, and clarity – centered in your heart. 

Length: 36 Minutes


Experiencing Pure, Open Awareness
00:00 / 28:05

In this meditation, I’ll lead you in scanning through your body to discover the pure awareness that lies beneath and beyond your everyday thinking mind.  Beyond all your thoughts and experiences, an inner stillness and spaciousness exists, embodied within every cell and atom of your body.  It is a pure awareness at the innermost core of your being, where you are at one with God.  This deep, pure awareness is your True Self – your Essence. 

Beyond whatever you’re thinking or feeling or experiencing, you exist as that which is simply aware of those thoughts, emotions, and experiences.  In other words, you are not the objects of awareness; rather, you are the pure, infinite awareness itself.  This deep, pure awareness is the presence of God within you.

Length: 28 Minutes


Taking Refuge in Your Inner Calm
00:00 / 26:27

In this meditation, I’d like to emphasize finding your innermost refuge of calm. In times of great stress, it’s crucial that we have ways to quiet our minds, to relax our bodies, and to rest in a calm, steady place of peace. This meditation will guide you in using your breath, relaxing your body, and finding an inner refuge of calm that can carry you through difficult times. I’m going to guide you in a “body scan,” in which you’ll bring your attention to each part of your body, breathing in to each part, and then relaxing that part even more deeply with your outbreath.

Length: 26 Minutes


Forgiving with Loving-Kindness
00:00 / 32:10

This meditation is one that will help you whenever you become irritated or frustrated. When practiced regularly, this meditation has a softening effect on your heart center, allowing you to keep your spiritual "heart valve" open to divine love. After all, with a loving heart supporting and enriching all of your life experiences, everything that you do and encounter will begin to open and flow according to God’s Divine perfection. 

Length: 32 Minutes


The Silence of Your Being
00:00 / 32:10

In this meditation, you will find the ground of your Being, and from this place of pure awareness, you may simply observe everything that is coming and then passing, as you rest in that changeless silence and peace, and love of your infinite Being.

Length: 28 Minutes


Being Pure Awareness
00:00 / 31:03

This meditation will lead you in connecting more fully with your innermost True Essential Self. Moving past your identification with your ego self – with that aspect of you that is identified with the world of form - and into the vast pure awareness that is the ground of Being: Divine Presence. 

Length: 25 Minutes


Resting in True Being
00:00 / 27:46

This meditation will help you in learning how to let go of distractions and return to your spacious ground of Being – your True Self – pure awareness. So often during the day, our attention is rising up, out of pure awareness, and being directed to an object, whether that’s a thought, an emotion, a sensation or something in our outer world. This meditation will teach you to release this focused attention – to free the attention so that it may rest back, so that it can sink back into the pure awareness of your True Self.

Length: 25 Minutes


00:00 / 28:45

Today’s meditation is a way of practicing “self-compassion,” where you’ll turn a very open-hearted kindness toward yourself – the kind of compassion that you’re often so able to give to others.  When you do this, it shifts your state – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It relaxes your nervous system, calms your emotions, and opens your mind to new possibilities. And from this more spacious, relaxed place – from this place of pure, spacious, unbounded awareness where you are more open to the love and guidance of God – 

you can respond to yourself and to all of life much more wisely and skillfully.

Length: 31 Minutes


Loving Kindness
00:00 / 29:59

This guided loving kindness meditation is designed to awaken and open your spiritual heart to the fullness and goodness of Divine Love as it flows into and through you – bringing with it gratefulness, compassion, forgiveness and well-being on all levels.

It is often said that our primary task is to keep our heart open to this infinite source of Divine Love. After all, it is this Divine Love that informs us, guides us and heals us. But when we become stuck in our heads – trying to control and figure out everything from our everyday thinking mind, we tend to close our hearts. We cease to be in the flow of God, and we start trying to swim, “against the tide” – worrying and fretting about everything, getting frustrated at ourselves and others. Everything begins to tighten up – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So, it’s very important that we learn how to keep our hearts open – how to maintain a sense of spaciousness in our hearts. And meditation is how we learn to do this. With this guided meditation we practice open-heartedness – loving-kindness – not only for our own inner peace and freedom, but also for the way that it allows this Divine Love to ripple out and touch everything and everyone in our lives. And like all meditation, the more we practice it, the more powerful its effects on our environment.

May all beings be held in divine love.
May all beings know the joy of deep, inner well-being.
May all beings touch deep and abiding peace.
May the hearts and minds of all beings awaken and be free.


Once Loving Kindness resides within our heart and our thoughts, we complete the circle by putting it into action. Thus, our deeds, thoughts and feelings harmonize and agree within us.

Length: 30 Minutes


Resting in Pure Awareness
00:00 / 26:50

This meditation is designed to help you learn how to rest in the spacious, loving, pure awareness of your True Self at the innermost core of your being, where you are one with God.

Length:  26 minutes


Cultivating a Grateful Heart
00:00 / 28:16

This guided meditation provides an opportunity for you to explore how to cultivate a grateful heart. Becoming a grateful person 

has very little to do with our outer lives; rather, it’s all about how we relate to our circumstances – from the inside out.  

Length:  23 minutes


Finding Joy
00:00 / 22:57

This guided meditation is designed to help you cultivate and experience joy. It will help you learn how to access the joy that abides at your innermost core – the deep joy that is always there regardless of what’s going on in your outer life. And so even when you’re experiencing difficulties, this meditation will teach you how to dip into and be restored by your innermost joy.

Length:  26 minutes


Doorway to the Inner Room
00:00 / 25:41

This guided meditation is based on Matthew 6:6, where Jesus taught us how to pray contemplatively.  He said:  “When you pray, go into your inner room, shut the door, and pray to your Father who is in secret.”  And so in keeping with that, this meditation will help you to enter into that inner room, into your heart of hearts – at your innermost spiritual core – where you can be still… in the Silent presence of God. 

Length:  24 minutes


Connecting with Your Inner Love and Wisdom
00:00 / 29:17

In this meditation, we’ll be focusing on the breath, as I lead you in scanning through your body to discover any tension and tightness,and then release it with each exhale.  Then we’ll explore and open to the pure awareness that lies beneath and beyond your everyday thinking mind – beyond all thoughts and experience – that inner stillness and calm that lies at the innermost core of your being

where you remain – always – at one… with God… in love.

And lastly, I’ll guide you in imagining your future awakened self – your true self – allowing it to heal any of the places in your current self where you feel stuck – any place in you that may need healing

Length: 29 Minutes


Dealing with Anxiety and Worry
00:00 / 31:22

This guided meditation will assist you with anxiety and worry.  It will move you through three stages:  first, cultivating compassion for what you’re experiencing; second, acceptance of what you’re experiencing; and third, redirection of what you’re experiencing.

Length: 26 Minutes


Divine Love
00:00 / 27:47

The focus of this guided meditation is Love. Not the kind of love that’s associated with a particular person or circumstance or outcome, but the even deeper, spiritual, Divine Love that arises from deep within us, from the innermost core of our Being. And when we learn how to connect with this well-spring of Divine Love, and then begin to live from that center of Love, it ripples out into our lives, touching others and sparking the Divine Love that lives deep within them –in their innermost heart-of-hearts.

So, this guided meditation begins with tuning into and relaxing your physical body, so that you may be most receptive to Divine Love. Relaxation is the key to meditating at deeper and deeper levels of absorption. Next, you’ll learn how to open into this Divine Love that exists – always – at your spiritual core. In doing so, you will discover how to access this infinite source of unconditional, spiritual love that lies deep within you, allowing it to heal you from within and to ripple out to touch all others in your life.

“Through intense deep meditation, you reach a state that is beyond thought, beyond change, beyond imagination, beyond differences and duality. Once you can stay in that state for a while and come out of it without losing any of it, then the inner divine love will begin to pour through you. You will not see people as different, separate individuals. You will see your own Self in everyone around you. Then the flow of love from within you will be constant and unbroken.” 
- Swami Muktananda

Meditation is the method of awakening used by all the major religious and spiritual traditions; thus, it is clear evidence of our universal kinship with one another. The beginning and foundation of true compassion for others lies in our ability to experience our “basic sameness” with each and every individual.

Length: 28 Minutes


Practicing Divine Presence
00:00 / 20:13

This guided meditation focuses on being still in the Presence of God.  This will be an opportunity for you to pause 

from the many activities of your daily life and to let go into the vast, underlying Reality of Divine Presence.


00:00 / 28:59

This meditation provides a way for you to cultivate a grateful heart. Research shows that living from a core stance of gratitude allows us to live longer and happier, sleep better, enjoy stronger relationships, suffer less depression, and maintain a greater sense of hope and purpose. I hope you’ll join me in learning how to become a more grateful person!

Length: 29 Minutes


Love and Peace
00:00 / 35:26

This guided meditation will help you to experience Divine Love – you loving God and God loving you – and then to extend this ever-present love to others. Living out of this Divine Love that lies at your innermost core will transform both yourself and your world. 


We often overlook the fact that we are in relationship with everyone and everything. This includes not only the people in our lives but that presence that is referred to as God or Divinity. 

This meditation is a way of connecting with and staying connected to the innermost Truth and Love of who you are in God and with the Truth and Love of who others are in God. It helps you increase your love and compassion, first for yourself, then for your loved ones and friends, then for difficult people who irritate you, and then for all beings.

“We’re here for one thing ultimately:
to learn how to love, because God is love.
And so love is our origin, love is our ground,
and love is our destiny.”
   -- James Finley


Developing the ability to align with Divine Love at your innermost center and at the innermost center of all beings will protect you from developing and holding on to judgment, ill will, and hostile feelings – toward yourself and toward others. Simply put, this guided meditation will help you to live with more love, peace, serenity and grace. And living from this place of Divine Love and Peace will transform both yourself and your world.

Length: 35 Minutes


Inner Peace
00:00 / 25:05

This guided meditation for inner peace will help you learn how to access the peace that abides at your innermost core that is always there for you, regardless of what’s going on in your outer life.  And so even when you’re experiencing difficulties, this meditation will teach you how to dip into and be restored by this innermost peace.

This is abiding peace; it is not something that comes and goes depending on your circumstances. It’s not something that happens only when your outer circumstances are just right. In fact, you can experience this deep, abiding peace even when you’re engulfed in trying and troubling times. This Divine source of peace is always with you in your innermost heart of hearts.


“The peace of God is with them 
whose mind and soul are in harmony,
who are free from desire and wrath,
who know their own soul.”
- Bhagavada Gita

The Divine is everywhere, equally present in all things. We only need to take a deep breath, reflect on this fact and breath out to bring a fresh perspective to whatever our current circumstances and challenges may be. Patience, generosity, wisdom and joy are all attributes of our higher nature. Once we align with our true self, we can access these qualities and more consistently stand steady in the light of our higher Self. Utilizing this guided meditation is an excellent way to begin this worthwhile journey.

Length: 29 Minutes


Openhearted Peace
00:00 / 25:38

In this guided meditation for inner peace, I’ll guide you through a body-scan to relax your whole body, and then lead you in opening to that place within of pure being where you can experience your True Self. That place where you can begin to sense the peace that passeth all understanding – the peace that abides in your innermost heart of hearts.

This deep, open-hearted peacefulness is always there within you; it’s the calm within the storm of whatever is going on around you. It exists as the infinite, spacious ground of everything. Everything that we experience – all events, circumstances, complexities – everything arises out of this spaciousness and then recedes back into this spaciousness. It is this basic truth of constant change and impermanence that, once we recognize it, accept it and surrender our resistance to it, leads to serenity, wisdom and to Peace.


And so even our pain, our fears and worries, our anger and troubling thoughts – all these arise within us, exist, have their moment and then cease to exist – all within this infinite field of deep love and peace. All that we experience – both pleasurable and painful experiences – rise and then fall within the spaciousness of this vast sky of mind.


So, in this meditation for inner peace, you’ll simply settle in to the ever-present love and peace within the spaciousness in your heart of hearts. And as you become increasingly absorbed in it, you’ll begin to sense this open-hearted love and peacefulness spreading into every fiber of your being and then rippling out into your entire life.


“And the peace that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds.” 

Philippians 4:6

Length: 26 Minutes


Stillness with God
00:00 / 26:03

This guided meditation provides you with an opportunity to pause from the many activities of your daily life and to connect with your innermost Self - that infinite source of pure awareness at the core of your being where you exist in the oneness of God’s divine love and peace and stillness.


It is important to note that we cannot connect with our True Self through our everyday waking consciousness – through our “head,” so to speak. We can often feel cut-off from this aspect of ourselves. As we fill our day-to-daylife with activities, “doing” we often forget about “being”. Even when we are busy with activities and tasks, we can bring our attention back to our essential nature. Meditation helps us to achieve this ability to stay connected with our deeper spiritual nature.

To help you in developing a strong, embodied sense of your True Self and the inner Divine, this guided meditation will begin by focusing on your breath. After all, the breath is closely connected with God. In secret oral traditions, it’s held that the name of God is actually unpronounceable; if the name of God is spoken, it is experienced not as a word but as breath.

And so, if you approach it this way, then with each breath, you are saying God’s name, you are connecting with the Divine that is as close to you as your breath. What a beautiful and profound truth.

Length: 26 Minutes


RAIN for Difficult Emotions
00:00 / 30:13

RAIN for Difficult Emotions


Doorway to the Inner Room
00:00 / 27:05

Doorway to the Inner Room

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